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Interstellar 1080p BR Rip x264 - YIFY: The Ultimate Guide to Downloading and Enjoying the Movie

maybe theaters are out of your league, but your moviegoing experience isnt. the theater always makes a movie more than just entertaining, it makes it more than a passive, entertaining experience. you have to decide youre willing to look at something in a different way. you have to be willing to see it more than once. but thats what movies are supposed to be for.

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when i started going to the movies, it was always the big films of the season. the late movies in the season. remember, that term was less specific. even after the advent of video 2000, an entire summer of movies was just a lot of movies. because most theaters dont have the [computer] systems they have in the big chains, they dont have the software that lets you build a calendar. they dont have programmers who decide what movies will be in their schedule. but they had to organize their own calendar.

now theres a lot of movies that people go to, and it doesnt always work for everybody. it might work for somebody and it might not work for somebody else. in other words, its not a guarantee. but there was a point where you could go into a theater and see all kinds of movies from all kinds of different genres.

now, if you find out, youll say, i would have liked to have seen that movie three weeks from now. but its just a great deal. you could go to one of the multiplexes, and there were about 20 to 24 screens in boston. but there was no guarantee that youll be able to see any one of those movies. if you want to see being john malkovich, you go to the multiplex.

the way i came to work at fathom is the way so many people end up working in the film business. i had worked in a local multiplex. at the age of twenty-one, i was tired of working for minimum wage and being treated as a short order cook. in my two years at the st. george, i had been the programmer, the assistant manager, the manager, the projectionist, and the front desk person. i had a great time working at the st. george, but i wasnt really ready to move on to something else yet. i wanted to do something that had meaning. i wanted to go into something that wasnt just a job, but a passion. i realized that i had two choices: i could either keep doing what i was doing, or i could go into the film industry. i had grown to love film, and i didnt want to just go into a job. i wanted to make a difference. i wanted to be a part of something that i cared about. i had already learned a lot about the business, but i wanted to learn more. thats why i went to work at the coolidge. i wanted to learn more about the business, about myself, about the people who make movies. the best part about it was that i got to do all that at a theater i loved. i got to go into work with a smile on my face. its nice to work in an environment where theres a close connection to the material.

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